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Sourabh Aggarwal and company provide IT Services for individuals, big & small companies. Sometimes we even help companies build their content strategy, drive SEO, create their entire; information architecture, Cyber Security, Videos, IT Training, Public Speaking, Social Media Marketing and Promo Videos.

Website Development

We do personal, business and e-commerce websites for an individual and organizations.


Social Media Marketing

We provide service to set up and manage social media profiles for companies.



We provide end-to-end solutions to make sure your business rank high on Google, Bing etc.

Promo Videos

We provide promo videos service ranging from 30 seconds to 2 minutes to attract clients.

Cyber Security

We provide service to protect your computer, social media from hackers and viruses.

Alexa Ranking

We do Alexa ranking service to rank up your website globally to attract more visitors.

Public Speaking

We provide public speaking service on several topics like motivational to technical.

Content Writing

We do content writing for websites, blogs, articles and for academic purpose too.

Personal Branding

We help individuals to improve their LinkedIn and Twitter with complete branding solutions.

Website Audit

We do website assessment which covers technical, design and content areas and issue report.


We provide technical, business, startup, social media and immigration consultancy.


We do startup and business mentorship to maximize the ROI of the business and fix the goal.



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Make Your Project a Masterpiece.

We certainly will.

Turn Your Idea Into Reality

We can turn your idea into a reality and put your business on the web. We can add all the required elements with your idea and make it a masterpiece.

Branding, Social Media & Videos

We can create promo videos and brand your business. We can manage all the social media activity for your business and helps you to increase the business visibility.

Cyber Security

We do cyber security to protect computers, online media. We do penetration testing, SIEM, incident response, Identity and Access Management, end point security, network security and Infrastructure or Server security.

Turn your idea into loyal customers and return visitors. Don’t miss out!

Testimonials & Featured Clients

I wasn’t sure how to begin so I reached out to a friend who was already well established in her own business and she recommended for me to get in touch with Sourabh Aggarwal and company who had created her Web Page, Google Account, Email Account and, Business Page & Business Video on Facebook. Sourabh Aggarwal and company spent 4 days creating all of this for my business.

Barbara Shier (Barrie, Ontario) – Owner at Barb Shier

Thank you so much for your help. Website development was the best investment I ever made. I am loving it. I would like to recommend Sourabh Aggarwal and company to all my friends for their IT needs.

Yola Kelln (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) – Owner at Love Trim Coffee

Sourabh Aggarwal and company was referred to me by a happy client. They are patient and helped me throughout the development of my business website. He worked with my busy schedule and did not rush the process. Sourabh Aggarwal and company provided guidance throughout the project and worked with me until I was happy with the project. I recommend using Sourabh Aggarwal and company if your budget is tight as his fees are very reasonable for start up small businesses.

Kathleen Weston (Holland Landing, Ontario) – Owner at Resumes Plus

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